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We are Committed to providing cost-effective solar solutions, products with brand names, and services outstanding. .Pakistan Solar’s ability to combine a deep understanding of traditional energy technologies and systems, renewable’s, and their enablers is particularly valued by our customers. We marry the experience and maturity of the past with future needs, allowing renewables to meet and exceed expectations of both energy markets and asset owners. Net is an electricity policy for consumers, who own / plan to setup a Renewable Energy facility, which allows them to produce electricity for their own use and supply the excess produce to the national grid setting-off units of electricity consumed during off-peak hours or at times when the production from RE facility is not enough to meet the consumer load.

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Green Source of Energy

This is an era where more and more people are adopting eco-friendly items.The consumers, especially industrial and commercial consumers, are willing to make capital investments to contribute towards the preservation of the environment. Environment-friendly customers are even willing to pay higher than grid power.

Reduces Carbon Footprints

Expose fewer pollution risks to the environment in comparison to conventional sources of energy. Furthermore, it is a good source of energy that combats climate change.Carbon is also as source of “SMOG” in certain weather conditions. Economic activities of Lahore gets impacted due to SMOG for 2-3 months in a year.

Alternative Energy

The dynamics have completely changed in Pakistan with the implementation of net-metering scheme on grid connected solar power solutions, Through net-metering, customers can supply back the surplus solar power to the utility companies, when in day time the solar power generation is in excess of the required load.

Our engineering services include:

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