Pakistan Engineering Councel(PEC)

Likewise a professional outfit, Auracael, possesses an excellent team with magnificently diversified working experience. In order to maintain the seamless and transparent work ethics, AURACAEL team is largely consists of Four (04) Groups.
The engagement partner is supported by a pool of expertise comprising of Engineers IT EXPERTS ,Chartered Accountants, Audit, Assurance, Taxation and Corporate Law specialists and other professionals from diversified disciplines. We offer fast and reliable services in the field of income tax consultancy, auditing, accountant certification, business formation consultancy services, chartered accounting services, NGO/Trust etc.

o Auracael actively promotes the development strategy of diversification of construction industries . It obtains outstanding performance in real estate development , steel structure production, energy-saving windows, doors and curt a in wall, glass intensive processing, PC components production, steel bar treatment and distribution, construction materials trade and other aspects. Those continuous extension of industry cha ins has injected new v igo r and vit a lit y for the s us ta in able and healthy development of Auracael…

o The company is committed to the principles of”Quality, Technology, Talent, Integrity, Informatization”. ” Famous Enterprise for Centuries, Mutual Existance with Harmony” is the constant unit of Auracael.. In the future, let’s build a new career dream band in band, with continuous innovation and se lf­ transcendence.

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