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Auracael has developed into a large-scale ,comprehensive, modern , and well-known enterprise with the integration of project general contracting ,construction general contracting,real estate development,construction industrialization investment,international project contracting and overseas trade.

We approach your project with creativity

Auracael actively promotes the development strategy of diversification of construction industries .

Exploring Renewable Energy Trends
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Renewable energy is useful energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, including carbon neutral sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

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About Auracael

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AuraCael Engineering was established in 2015. We are an engineering oriented Company, with a Portfolio of Solar products and Telecom services. Auracael Engineer in is marketing and provide High Technology Equipment and solutions in different sectors. There markable growth of Auracael Engineering in a short span of years is envy of many. Auracael Engineering with its capable staff of professionals has acquired and reflects the expertise and skill. Our team of professionals owns expense and vision in different aspects of the Pakistani market. The company offers an complete product mix backed by complete service and support capabilities ranging from conceptualization and system engineering to project management..

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Auracael has got support and love from various social aspects domestically and internationally. Auracael has  developed  into a  large-scale ,comprehensive,  modern ,  and  well-known  enterprise  with  the  integration  of  project  general   contracting    ,construction general contracting, real estate development, construction industrialization investment, international project contracting and overseas trade. 

Engineering Services
Renewable Energy

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What we are offering

Our Services


Engineering Services

We offer Preliminary and conceptual engineering designs and Industrial work fixtures engineering to our clients.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is useful energy that is collected from renewable resources includind carbon neutral sources.



Auracael actively promotes the development strategy of diversification of construction industries . 



From TV commercials to radio commercials, we can do them all for you within your budget.



Typical mandates from our tax clients include Corporate Taxation, Personal Taxation, Sales Tax etc



Auracael has limited liabilities Partnership with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.


Financial Consulting

Place accounting and book keeping staff on-site at client locations for data processing and accounting.


Business Consulting

Auracael Provides Business Consulting services like enterprise risk management, business stratup.


Audit and Assurance

Auracael Provides services like statutory audit, internal audit, Assets Assurance, Project audits etc



We help our clients identify, protect and maximize their intellectual property assets.



Auracael is a leading certification, training, auditing, assessment & consultancy providing company.



We build trust in the not for profit sector in Pakistan for effective use of philanthropic resourse.



We offer web based one customs(WEBOC) id’s for importer and exporters



deal in pakistan engineering council (PEC), New registration, Upgradation, Renewal in all cat, All over Pakistan


IT Services

Website Design and development for our clients worldwide. offers you for website development.

Auracael is about "QUALITY TECHNOLOGY"

 Auracael obtains outstanding performance in real estate development, steel structure production, energy-saving windows, doors and curt a in wall, glass intensive processing, PC components production, steel bar treatment and distribution, construction materials trade and other aspects.  Those continuous  extension  of  industry chains.

The   company   is  committed  to  the  principles  of  “Quality,  Technology,  Talent,  Integrity,  Informatization”.” Famous Enterprise , Mutual Existence with Harmony” is the constant pursuit of Auracael In the future, let’s build a new career dream band in band, with  continuous innovation  and self ­transcendence. Sales and revenues of company have shown an upward trend in all product lines. Our quality products and un-matched service have made us the solar energy  for homes, businesses and government agencies across the country. No matter what the size of your project, we deliver equipment tailored to your power and cost requirements. In addition to our highest and for every solar energy contract we fulfill, we have a record of strong installation results in technically challenging environments. Our areas of strength are our products.

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