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The   company   is  committed  to  the  principles  of  “Quality,  Technology,  Talent,  Integrity,  Informatization”. ” Famous Enterprise , Mutual Existe nce with Harmony” is the constant pursuit of Auracael  In the fu ture, let’s build a new career dream band in band, with  continuous  innovatio  n  and  se lf­ transcendence


Our company us registered i Pakista. Auracael Engineering was established in 2015. We are an engineering oriented Company, with a porfolio of Solar products and Telecom services.


Building construction is the process of preparing for and forming buildings and building systems. Construction starts with planning, design, and financing and continues until the structure is ready for occupancy.


The company is committed to the principles of"Quality, Technology, Talent, Integrity, Informatization". " Famous Enterprise for Centuries, Mutual Existance with Harmony" is the constant unit of Auracael.


Engineering Services Our engineering services include:


Benefit From The Expertise Of Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced project managers and engineers who hold decades of combined industry experience to their credit. With their expertise and knowledge, we are able to provide full turn-key solutions such as solar, storage, hybrid energy and energy efficiency, as per the needs of our customers. From the start to the finishing line and beyond, we’ve got every single aspect of your solar projects covered.

Our goal is to become the leading firm in Renewable energy sector and seven other fields in Pakistan as well as internationally by giving our clients timely superior quality services. We also commit to make meaningful contribution to help our country achieve sustainable energy future and to protect the planet earth know and for generation to come.The creation of the universe was brought about by energy. If we investigate the reality, the human beings are bestowed with a huge amount of unparalleled source of energy all around them. When the state of the art technologies touch these energies to make them work together, wonders come to existence. Everything from the first part of the fire to the satellites in space is a fruitful result of these energies. Our solar energy company is striving to invest the time of our experts to convert the unlimited energy of light from the sun. The Middle East, and MENA are the illuminated regions of the world with almost infinite, abundant and long lasting solar energy. We deliver top notch solar solutions and provide a helping hand to mankind from the gates of our company in Pakistan by converting this resourceful energy into a beneficial form that can be utilized by everyone.Auracael actively promotes the development strategy of diversification  of  construction  industries . It obtains outstanding performance in real estate development, steel structure production, energy-saving windows, doors and curt a in wall, glass intensive processing, PC components production, steel bar treatment and distribution, construction materials trade and other aspects.  Those continuous  extension  of  industry cha ins has injected new v Igor and vit a lit y for the sus taint able and healthy development of Auracael,

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